III Motogiro d'Italia 29-04-1955 Moto Morini VINCE!

The Holding of Jannuzzelli Family sells the historical brand Moto Morini to a Chinese Group

On October the 2nd, Moto Morini was sold to the China Zonghneng Motor Vehicle Group Co. Ltd. based in China.  The historic Italian motorcycle brand was acquired in 2012 by AUTJANN, the holding company of the Jannuzzelli family of Italy.  The negotiations were conducted by Translink Corporate Finance (acting as the financial advisor) led by Matteo Paggi – Partner of Translink in close contact with the President of AUTJANN and Moto Morini – Mr. Ruggeromassimo Jannuzzelli.


The China Zhongneng Vehicle Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1987 by its current president Chen Huaneng, and has become over the years, with its own brand ZNEN, a leading operator in the domestic two-wheeler sector, with particular focus on light motorcycles, scooters and electric scooters segments. The acquisition of Moto Morini represents for Zhongneng the first strategic operation outside of China.

This operation represents a great opportunity for the growth of Moto Morini, which was successfully relaunched by the Jannuzzelli family beginning in 2012. The China Zhongneng Vehicle Group will bring its production and commercial experience within the two-wheeler sector, taking advantage of the awareness of one of the most historic brands from Italy, safeguarding and strengthening the current Italian structure of Moto Morini.

(Sourced directly from Translink Corporate Finance http://www.translinkcf.com/holding-jannuzzelli-family-sells-historical-brand-moto-morini-chinese-group/ )

Moto Morini 80 Years!

It was back in 1937 that Alfonso Morini started Moto Morini and it remains one of the oldest surviving motorcycle manufacturers in the world.

The new Moto Morini factory, under the leadership of Ruggeromassimo Jannuzzelli, is all fired up to release new models later in 2017 and have just released the Corsaro 1200 zz (see below).

Franco Lambertini, now 73, is back with the company. He was the engineer who designed the 350 V-twin for Morini back in 1971.

The company have released the first of their newsletters to celebrate the 80 years. See their website motomorini.eu or download it here.

New Moto Morini email discussion list

The old email discussion list (majordomo@smoke.com.au) that has been around for many years has gone.

The new email list can be found at http://micapeak.com/mailman/listinfo/moto-morini.

Many of the members from the old list have moved across. It is a very friendly helpful group and I encourage you to join!


Update on the Moto Morini Factory

The Italian website moto.it published an interview with Ruggero Massimo Jannuzzelli, the owner and Managing Director of Moto Morini. Prior to 2015 Moto Morini was owned by a company called 'Eagle Bike' jointly owned by Sandro Capotosti and Ruggero Massimo Jannuzzelli. In 2015 Jannuzzelli took total ownership of the company and now runs the factory now based near Milan in Trivolzio. The full interview can be read here in Italian but a quick web translation to English gives a good idea of what was discussed.


They have become a niche manufacturer and only produce about 150 bikes a year, each one built to each customer's specifications. One interesting line in the interview was this "Outside Europe we have an importer in Japan, and we are closing agreements with others in Australia and New Zealand."

See the new Moto Morini website!


New Source for Morini Badges!

Malcolm Anderson from New Zealand has made up some superb looking metal enamel badges for the Morini. These include tank badges, side panel badges for the 350 and 500 and top yoke Sport badge. Malcolm lived in Melbourne between 1983 and 1989 and was a part of the Morini Club scene in those days. He owned a 1979 500 Strada and 1976 3 1/2 Sport which he brought back to NZ, He still has the 3 1/2, see the Morini Register. He has provided a couple of new photos of the old club from the eighties - see History of the Old Morini Club.

See www.morinibadges.com for a look at the badges. 



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